Botas de Barro -
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Botas de Barro


Have you ever stopped to wonder how many pairs of old boots have been used by the generations of farmers to nurture the vines used to make these wines?

 Spain has, without doubt, the largest number of old vines in the world and as a result makes wines of amazing quality. This range of wines pays homage to the generations of farmers that have carefully looked after these historic vines for years assuring that they are perfectly conserved and can be passed on and enjoyed by future generations.


Very few people actually realised how much effort goes into each and every bottle of wine. Years pass from the moment the vines are planted until the first bottle can be poured into a glass and enjoyed!

Botas de Barro is a range of wines made in traditional winemaking regions of Spain where the effort of generations of farmers and great quality have gone hand in hand for centuries. With each bottle of BOTAS DE BARRO, we raise our glass and thank the many farmers who have worked tirelessly to nuture these very special vines that today allow us to make this range of quality wines.