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De Mateo


 The Mateo family have been growing grapes in Rioja for 7 generations.  Located in a priviledged área of La Rioja, the family own some of the oldest vineyards in the region, many over 70 years old.  These particular vineyards are producing wines with character, very different to the many wines the región produces.
Located over 4 different estates, the family´s vineyards have long been used to make some of the region´s most famous wines. With the arrival of the new generation it was time to show the world what they could do. With a base of Tempranillo and Garnacha, they have were the first producers in the región to make the exclusive Tempranillo Blanco.
The entire family is dedicated to growing grapes and their passion and local knowledge is unquestionable.  The new generation is thinking outside the box and is only just beginning to show what they can do.


 The El Salobar Estate is the most prominet estate of all the estates covering 15 hectares and planted with red Tempranillo. Half of the site is planted as bush vines, the other half on trellis. This vineyard is 385m above sea level and has clay loam and gravel soils. The average age of this site is 45 years old.

The El Coscojar estate is only 6 heatares and is planted with Graciano on trellis. The orientation of this site is East – West to avoid excess sunlight as this varietal is sensitive to sun burn. This is an intense grape and offers extra depth and complexity to most of our wines

El Bosquil estate is 8 hc planted with and average of 55 year old Garnacha Tinta. Very gravelly and pebbley soil with good drainage is perfect for this varietal. The North South orientation optimises the capture of sunlight, again perfect for this varietal.

Los Quemaos is the estate where the White Tempranillo is grown. Planted with 10 hc, on clay loam with stone and gravel soils it is ideal of this varietal. At 500 m above sea level it is ideal for aromatic whites. White Tempranillo was the result of the mutation between red Tempranillo which changed the gene that encodes the grape´s skin colour. Through investigation and natural selection, the varietal White Tempranillo was born. Unique to Rioja.