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Descalzos Viejos

D.O. Málaga y Sierras de Málaga

Pdo. de los Molinos s/n. Apartado de correos 365, 29400 – Ronda (Málaga) Spain

Captura de pantalla 2016-04-11 09.30.49Creativity is a word that comes to mind when considering Descalzos Viejos, expressed not only in their labels but also in their wines. The Retamero and Salesi families perfectly combine their skills as trained architects with their local knowledge of the terroir, their love of nature and a sharp eye for attention to detail.

Founded in 1998, the production is limited and comes 100% from their own vines, planted with a wide range of varietals, high in the mountains of Ronda, in southern Spain.

At this estate, the modernity of their labels makes a striking contrast to the 16th century convent where their wines are patiently aged in the finest French oak barrels under the watchful eye of 16th Century frescos.

Their ability to think out of the box shines through in every single bottle as does the desire to strive to make better and better wines in this unique region.


Captura de pantalla 2016-04-11 09.31.06Descalzos Viejos means “Old barefeet” and is named in honor of the barefooted monks that lived on the estate in the 16th century. In 1998 the Retamero and Salesi families bought the property and began the integral restauration to convert it into a full working winery. They began planting vines in the lower levels of the estate. The complete project included the recovery of the original building, its gardens, vegetable patch, lake and fountains while conserving all its original features possible including various miraculously preserved Frescos found under various layers.

Thanks to royal privileges afforded by Queen Juana I of Castile, The Trinitarian Order founded the covent in 1505 along the banks of the Tajo river. The relative isolation of the convent meant that at the end of the XVI Century the monks decided to move to a new building in Ronda where they founded the new convent “Remedios”. A group of older monks refused to leave their home and continued to live there alone. The order was renamed The Reformed Order of the Barefoot Trinitarios (Descalzos Viejos).


The Descalzos Viejos estate covers 16Ha situated in an incredibly beautiful area along the Tajo river in Ronda, southern Spain. It is surrounded by 3 natural parks. The winery is situated in the highest area of the estate in the Trinitario Convent built in the 16th Century and lovingly restored by the Retamero and Salesi families. The 3 very different vineyards are planted amongst ancient olive trees and Mediterranean trees in different soils. The Sierra of Ronda provides high altitude to temperate this very hot region and boasts many different micro climates influenced by the Mediterranean sea and the Altantic ocean which have cooling effect on the resulting wines.