Emilio Valerio -
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Emilio Valerio


Located on the beautiful gentle slopes of Navarra, the Valerio family nuture their historic vineyards using only organic practices to the extent that horses are still used to plough their vineyards!

No tractors on this estate!!! These ancestral methods are in stark contrast with the state of the art winery where their skilled team of young winemakers continue to push boundries and experiment.

After generations of growing wonderful grapes, the family finally founded the winery in 2008 with the purpose of making signature wines defined by the terroir and to safeguard and nuture the biodiversity of each and every parcel. Passionate believers of organic and biodynamic practices, this small production winery brings something very different to the region.


You will see no stainless steel in this beautiful cellar. Only carefully selected small cement and french oak tanks for fermentation and ageing.

A minimum intervention approach continues in the winery in order to bring our the character of each varietal and plot of vineyard. Each vineyard is vinified seperately to further enhance terroir characteristics.

While the family have grown grapes for centuries, the winery was only built in 2008. Imbedded in the beautifule estate, 20 wooden tanks and 6 concrete tanks from 1000 to 8000l each are housed alongside 200 Foudres and barrels. A perfect place for wines with great vibrations.


Perfectly nurtured organically certified and biodynamic vineyards in almost 50 different plots receive minimum intervention to ensure maximum expression of the true local character. The family are, of course, biodynanic farmers and strongly believe in understanding the natural cycles and rhythms of the land. Focus is always on maintaining a well balanced and diverse local environment to ensure their ancient vineyards thrive. Integrated agriculture ensures various crops and species flourish to help maintain balance. Livestock, olive groves, fields of corn etc all live perfectly together on the beautiful slopes of Navarra. , Garnacha, Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malvasia and Tempranillo are all grown on the estate. The estate is divided in 2. On one side the clay/calcareous soils produce wines with a more floral, mineral character with hints of violet, licorice and earthy tones. On the other side, the more rocky, gravelly soils produce wines of great complexity and intense bright fruit with hints of Juniper, chamomile and licorice.