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Mi tractor azul

D.O. Toro

Young wines are normally a second thought for many wineries. With Mi Tractor Azul we have searched for amazing old vines from 20 – 40 years old to make a young wine with amazing fruit character, a full palate and a big, yet soft, rounded and juicy finish! Here we give a young wine the attention it deserves using vineyards normally reserved for Crianza and Reserva wines.


Made by the young yet experienced team at Spanish Palate whose objective is to travel around Spain to find the country´s best vineyards to create a series of YOUNG, EXTREMELY FRUIT FORWARD wines that offer amazing value! Mi Tractor Azl TORO comes from the wonderful region of TORO and is made with 100% Tinta de Toro, dry farmed, ungrafted vineyards planted at 3m x 3m – the widest spread in the world. Following an organic philosophy, the grapes are picked by hand and nutured with all the care in the world in the cellar. No oak is used in this wine in an attempt to share the pure character of the Tinta de Toro fruit in its purest form with the world.


Bush vines planted at 3 x 3 m. Organically growed and hand picked grapes like in tratidional manner. No pesticides or herbicides are used. The land is ploughed to keep competing vegetation growing betweeen the vines. Rainfall is scare in this region so we need to ensure the vine receives all the water possible as we do not use artificial irrigation. Only natural methods are used. The region of TORO is hot and dry which makes the perfect environment for natural winemaking.