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D.O. Toro

C/ Ascensión s/n. 49154 – El Pego (Zamora) Spain

Jesús Fernandez, native of Zamora decided to return to his home land after years of owning a successful shipping company, to follow his life long dream of making his own wine from the ancient vineyards that he was brought up amongst.

Located in the El PEGO village in the most southern and highest part of the D.O TORO, all the wines are made from the Tinta de Toro grape from their own old vines. Their boutique winery boasts state of the art technology which contrasts to the old vines surrounding it.

Winemaker Issac Fernandez assures every wine is true to the character of Toro whilst boasting a unique elegance and softness.

Their young, dynamic team is fast becoming one of the rising stars in one of Spain ́s most exciting wine regions.


“Rompesedas” meaning “Broken Silk” was the name given to the specially made rope used to draw water from wells in the fields for the farmers use. Made of silk it often broke after excessive used hence the name Broken Silk.


Its short but successfully journey in the world of wine is the result of painstaking work in the centuries old vines while manuel techniques in the vineyard lie side by side with state of the art technology in the winery