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Sangenis I Vaques

D.O.Q. Prioritat

Plaça Catalunya, 3. 43739 Porrera (Tarragona) Spain

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Family owned and operated, this winery is one of the “original” Priorat wineries to produce wines of amazing quality in the region which sparked the international boom of the region.

With amazingly tiny yields, all their vines are estate grown, picked by hand and are produced with the philosophy of “wines that maximize the expression of our terroir”.

In 1978 Pere SANGENÍS and Conxita VAQUÉ started to plant vines in Porrera in the D.O.PRIORAT. The plots of land have been in the family since the 1700 ́s and bottling on the estate goes back to the late 1800 ́s. Pere and Conxita had an idea of a more modern style of Priorat and joined the Priorat revolution to produce quality focused, terroir driven wines.

Since 2006, daughters Maria and Núria Sangenís have joined the team and, alongside Pere, share the responsibility of producing wines that express the best of their terroir.


 In 1979 Pere and Conxita began to make wine in Conxita ́s grandfathers winery where the family has been making wine since 1886! Today they continue to make their wines in the original cellar combining years of tradition with modern methods.

All the harvest is done by hand at the optimal moment of the ripening. A strict selection In the vineyard first and then in the winery ensure perfect quality fruit. They work with native varieties, Garnatxa and Carinyena primarily although small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are also grown. They also produce a tiny amount of Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo which produces probably the best white wine we have ever tasted from Priorat!


Captura de pantalla 2016-04-18 13.18.51The vineyards are located in the district of Porrera at the heart of the Priorat D.O, on terraced hillsi- des, formed by the famous “llicorella” (slaty schist land) which gives the wines their distinct charac- ter. Very poor land combined with a dry climate ( 400 mm) provides minimal production and as a consequence intense, ripe, characterful fruit.

To obtain the best grapes one has to start with the best land which the family have: permeable slate lands (llicorella) facing south. The influence of the sea breeze (Garbinada) will soften the severity of the summer and the vines can undergo photosyn- thesis with maximum efficiency.

The maintenance of the organic matter is done with natural manure which contributes to relieve the hydro stress in the summer, as the ground re- tains more humidity.